Gavin R Smith
Rock Drummer


After their drummer, Scott, sneaked off to go touring, Teaser, a Surrey based pub covers band, roped Gavin in to play drums for them. Either the rot had already set in, or Gavin's smell kicked it off, because after only a couple of sessions the singer left and then later the rhythm guitarist. Gavin pulled in Jeff Clark, a noisy little singer from Redhill and they started working as a four piece (Gavin, Jeff, Phil Mansfield and Grant Bates). With an aim to be as entertaining as possible the band are playing well known songs in a heavy rock style including Pinball Wizard, Mama Mia, Beat It and Ziggy Stardust. The pubs are lapping it up!

Little Egypt
Nick Rossi, Gavin Smith and Kieran Rossi. Been around since the early 90s. Gavin joined in 2001 when Duncan Turmaine was still in the band. They had previously toured with Magnum and Peter Green, more recently touring the UK with Status Quo. They had an album out in 1993 and have had several sniffs from small record companies over the last few years. They entually got an album released onto iTunes in 2006 but Nick and Gavin only get together to drink these days and Keiran has become a baby making machine.

Warminger Smith
Dave Warminger has been writing songs for years. He has used Gavin as his produced and drummer since the early 90s. They have built up quite a collection of demo recordings.

Duncan Turmaine
After leaving Little Egypt, Duncan Turmaine continued to write and record, while he was still looking for a drummer local to him in Devon he used Gavin on a few recordings.

The Frightfulness
A gilr who saw Shady Deal once wanted them to play her birthday party. However, the current Shady Deal is not the band she remembers seeing. A band was put together that more resembled the band she had seen. She also declared that she was a Darkness fan, so the band learned three songs off their hit album and called themselves The Frightfulness.

Shady Deal
Shady Deal are a pub covers band who are constantly busy, playing on average three times a week. Gavin was called in to play drums for them on occasions when their regular drummer was on Holiday.

Laura Butterworth
Plum from Grunties has a daughter with a quite fantastic voice. Plum wrote a bunch of songs for her and put together a band, including himself and his other children, to play the songs. Gavin was brought in to record the band but got roped into playing drums on a few songs.

Dominic Murphy and Andrew Butterworth (Plum) wrote tons of punk songs together in the late 70s while gigging in Germany. In 1999 Gavin met Dominic (they were neighbours) and did some gigging with him in Shady Deal. When Plum appeared out of the blue for a bunch of wine fuelled evenings of talking rubbish, the boys formed a plan to rerecord all the Grunties’ old material. In 2001, at Plums house in Portsmouth, they recorded 15 songs and drank a lot. The vocals were never properly finished and then Plum left the country.

Dale Edgar, Dave Warminger and Gavin Smith have been friends since their days together in Vagrant in St Albans. In the late 90s they separately all moved up to Cambridgeshire, all for completely different reasons. On discovering this, they decided to form a band that would play complicated, talent-full guitar rock that would stun audiences.

Formed in 1991 by Dave Muir, Dave Boon and Glen Mansfield, Hardware play a set of rock covers with a handful of their own song in. Gavin joined them in 1994 and is still with them. They used to do a lot of writing and recording, but have settled into being mainly a covers band in the last few years.

Vagrant was put together by Dave Warminger in 1989, poaching all the best musicians around, with a view to getting a record deal. They did lots of gigging, wrote some powerful songs, and did some good quality recordings. They forgot to ever play them to the record industry though, so never got a deal.

Warminger, Simkins, Fos, Smith
Dave Warminger poached Jon Fos and Gavin Smith from After Dark early in 1989. He had been writing and playing with Ray Simpkins for years and added the two new boys to this project. They did some rehearsing together and then some recording. Ray left the band before they got the opportunity to do any gigging.

Danno began life as a lounge room project between bassist Guff and guitarist songwriter Jona. Their 2nd demo EP was recorded and produced by Gavin Smith in 2001/2002. He also drummed on it and drummed for them at one of their gigs. The band played only 8 gigs in its lifetime, some great, some good, some awful. They disbanded at end of 2002. Guff gave up music, Jona now plays bass and does vocals in Touchstone ( Touchstone have picked up airplay twice on Total Rock Radio and Jona is in the midst of another band project which remains untitled.

Camilla Tapes
A band of St Albans musos thrown togehter by Lucy Jordache (now managing Marillion) every now and then for parties and charity things. Always a good laugh. Had me playing stuff like Adam and the Ants and Bucks Fizz.

Silk was a studio project. I was asked, via E-mail to drum on an album of songs, many in a West End musical style, and was paid hansomly for doing so. Many of the songs were very good, but sadly the instruments added later on top of the drums were so horribly out of time with the drums and click that I can't bring myself to listen to it. Shame, I enjoyed recording it.

After Dark
My first gigging band. Once the singer, Jon Fos, joined we got ourselves gigging and got seen by Dave Warminger at out first gig. Dave poached Jon and I soon after. After Dark did a few relatively big gigs.

White Rhino
My first ever band. Never made it out of the bedroom.

Stiff Upper Lip
An AC/DC Tribute band that only did one gig. Included Graham, Tony and Dominic from Shady Deal and Dave Boon and me from Hardware. Sounded fantastic. Graham was sick of gigging with Shady Deal by then and didn't want to start anything new, so it never took off.

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